Nina teaches beginner and intermediate level yoga classes.  Her background as a structural engineer feeds her teaching of the body as an intelligent and fascinating structure. In buildings and in the natural world, it is with a strong foundation, through grounding, and in rooting, that structures become stable. Similarly, through yoga, we can cultivate strength and grounding so our bodies are more stable, mobile, and vibrant.

Nina’s inner journey of meditation, prayer, motherhood, and experience with contemplative dialogue influence her gentle, yet playful, style. She believes that yoga can bring awareness to tension patterns in our body that keep us from fully realizing our most natural, and calm, state of being.



 Nina works with students to continuously ask, “where is my attention in the present moment?”  Using mindfulness techniques (like looking at a raisin with new eyes) or breath practices (e.g. counting breaths, or feeling the belly rise and fall) and an array of creative activities for all of the senses, students are invited to first notice their natural, wandering minds. We can then practice noticing and returning, again and again, back to the present moment or ultimately, to our lives, with clarity and equanimity.