Class Descriptions

Beginning Yoga:

In addition to releasing the accumulated tensions of daily living, these classes invite students to build strength and flexibility as the foundation for a safe and restorative yoga practice.  All ages and body types are welcome, whether you are new to yoga or want to develop a broader foundation of an existing regular practice. Learn a variety of basic postures and breathing techniques in a spacious, gently-paced setting.  Classes are ongoing, and students may join at any time.

Yoga for All (Continuing/Intermediate):

Cultivate techniques to build strength and flexibility of mind and body, but without tension.  Classes are often taught with a theme that you can recall and use on and off your mat for the rest of the week, and as you develop your own regular yoga practice.

Nina’s teaching style finds its home in Alignment Yoga .   Each of her classes cultivate grounding, awareness of habits of tension, and authentic breathing as tools for being on or off your mat.



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