April 2016: Past Workshop — Finding Stillness in Our Everyday Conversations

Amidst the fray of the election season and our busy lives — is it possible to have meaningful conversations
…in your workplace? …with your neighbors? ..with your family?


Finding Stillness in Our Everyday Conversations
Yoga and an Introduction to Contemplative Dialogue

Saturdays, 10:00-11:30am

April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Mound Street Yoga Center
1342 Mound Street, Madison, Wisconsin

Yoga postures provide a physical way to observe how our bodies react to tension and stress. Contemplative Dialogue is a practice of listening, reflecting on our own lived experiences, and thoughtfully responding with others. Together, these rich practices can cultivate our WHOLE selves to be present, engaged, and compassionate. Join Nina in this gentle, playful, and reflective 5-week series of workshops. Just as we practice relaxing our bodies, we can also practice calming our thoughts and words. Business professionals, organization leaders, healthcare workers, parents, students, teachers…anyone who values meaningful and healthy conversations in their daily interactions, will benefit from this series. Each week will include an hour of yoga and 30 minutes of practicing basic principles of dialogue, with an emphasis on listening and quiet reflection on teacher-lead inquiries.
We will explore:
  • Our Posture and The Body Language of Conversation
  • Seeing, Hearing and Listening: The Practice of “Holding All Things Lightly”
  • Welcoming Silence: The Practice of Stilling our Bodies
  • Stilling our Words: The Practice of Being Active (and not REactive)
  • The Space Between Our Words: The Practice of Being with Others
$75 for the 5-Week Series
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Nina’s experience with Contemplative Dialogue uses the principles from the work of the The Centre for Contemplative Dialogue:
What is Contemplative Dialogue?